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MerrittSearch.com is an easy-to-use, easy-to-read trio of premium services brought to you by

We are the 92 years old Chicago-based firm specializing in commercially-related public records research.

We work the old-fashioned way.   We gather information by hand wherever possible, abstracting from the actual documents.  Our coverage includes Cook and the surrounding 14-County area.

The records are then systematically previewed and edited before being added to the MERRITT database, insuring accuracy and completeness.

We offer you the most critical categories to assist in reducing the risk of lost commissions and sales revenues in this hazardous credit and lending climate.

  • The Merritt History is our database of selectively compiled public records research.
  • The Merritt proprietary database of State of Illinois UCCs.
  • The Merritt Report is our on-line signature weekly publication.
  • All on-line services are available with multiple search options and print capabilities.

    Join us now and surround yourself with MERRITT public records intelligence!